About This Project

This animated music video was born from the long-lasting artistic partnership between Piero Fragola and painter Matteo Giampaglia.


Such collaboration has lead to realize many videos through the creative exploration of different animation techniques that combine stop motion and painting.


For the track ‘3’ by Under-Tones, the two artists wanted to evoke a chromatic tension played by a fine balance, and extensive pictorial matter.


The inspiration is the triadic ballet by Oskar Schlemmer, Bauhaus artist, who reinvented the dance by elaborating the shapes of the flexuous movement of the human body in a stylized coordination of robotic geometries, by emphasizing the three-dimensional character of the dancing figures and their costumes. 


The surreal subjects of the avant-garde ballet, dance on the hymn of a far constellation through the trait of the brushstrokes.

Music Video
Concept Development, Motion Design