About This Project

Remember those days when it was just about music?

At least, this is what people thought about raving at first.


Music events nowadays are often a 360° experience that offer a full understanding of the lifestyle and culture of the place you are in, and also a reflection of a community that keeps evolving and mutating colors. This is why festivals today are providing full lifestyle experiences.


It’s not just about fun, it’s also about what’s behind the people that make the party, the culinary background, the culture of the country where it all takes place. Traveling through these dance floors is a great opportunity to get in contact with the artistic influence of an entire community that we’ve always felt part of.
The people we meet, the stories we hear, are unique testimonies that accompany us through our many journeys.


How could we ever forget the smells of Moroccan spices from the Oasis Festival, or the beautiful landscapes of Croatia’s rural villages while filming for Sonus Festival? Or.. that endless loop of days spent traveling Europe in a van and putting shows together, day after day, with Dub Fx?

These are all vivid memories and sensations that were made possible thanks to music in the first place.

Our events showreel has the aim of being all of this, a profound insight into our experience through music genres that have deeply touched us.


A long trip made of stages, so many stages. And also faces, personalities and cutlures that are so different from ours, that have shaped our way of seeing things and have made our job an immense source of inspiration.


This is why music will always be part of who we are.

Cinematography, Color grading, Sound Design